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Private hospitals in Bangkok are well regarded for their modern facilities and experienced staff. Unsurprisingly, Thailand has become one of the leading medical tourism destinations worldwide. The competitive pricing, matched with the high standard of comfort, has some of these hospitals feeling more like a hotel than a medical facility.

Bangkok hospitals cater to almost any need, including child health; dental; dermatology; ear nose and throat (ENT); esthetics; hearing; heart; internal medicine; nephrology; physical medicine and rehabilitation; plastic surgery; psychiatry; spine and joint care; sports and orthopedic; and women’s health. Please check independent hospital websites for a full list of medical services provided.

Hospitals in Bangkok offer a full range of infant and childhood vaccinations. The recommended vaccinations vary from one hospital to the next and may differ from those recommended in other countries. Be sure to talk with your health care provider and be informed of local health threats.

The over prescription of medication in Thai hospitals is a widely discussed topic in the expatriate community. Whilst we cannot confirm these claims, we do encourage parents to use common sense and discuss prescription drugs directly with their practitioner before leaving the consultation room. Being informed and aware is imperative.

Choosing a hospital in Bangkok
Bangkok offers the greatest selection of hospitals in Thailand and probably some of the best in South East Asia. Pricing, level of service and English competency can vary tremendously depending on your hospital of choice.

When choosing a hospital in Bangkok, we recommend you consider the following:

Delivering a baby in Bangkok
If you are a member of a private health fund or you intend on paying for private care, you will be able to make your own choices about who will be your healthcare provider and the hospital in which you will deliver your baby. Private hospitals in Bangkok cater heavily to English speaking patients, and maintain very high standards of cleanliness, equipment and care. Most Bangkok hospitals will offer a set Delivery Package, dependent on your intended birth program. We encourage you to check the inclusions carefully and be sure to mention any existing or previous health complications.

In most cases, an obstetrician will provide antenatal care throughout the full duration of your pregnancy and delivery. Consultations will be scheduled at regular stages throughout your pregnancy.

Tips for choosing an Obstetrician in Bangkok
Private hospitals in Bangkok offer a selection of qualified and experienced obstetricians. Many of which have studied abroad and are accredited with international organisations. We encourage you to take the time to meet with a number of doctors and find one that you feel most comfortable with. Birthing in a foreign country can be overwhelming, and it’s important that you have comfort and support on the day. Some recommended considerations include:

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