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How to Prepare for a Family Photography Session

Custom photography is a gift that will last a lifetime. The moments captured of your little one will help you remember their precious early years, evoking emotions that you felt for your child at a particular stage in life. Below are 5 tips to better prepare for your photography session, ensuring natural expressions and wonderful memories.

1. For newborns, schedule the session in advance. Ideally, schedule a session as soon as the baby is born, or if you are having a scheduled C-section, call ahead and book a photographer. For newborns, the best window for photos is anywhere from 7 to 14 days after birth. When they are older than this, newborns tend to not “curl” as much and sleep less, making the process a bit more challenging. Also, if you have a boy and plan to circumcise your child, hold the session one week after the operation. During the session, your baby will be swaddled and moved from one position to another constantly. This is very painful for a child who has just been circumcised.

2. Identify the baby’s “happy times”. Try to identify the times of day when your baby is most settled and content. These moments can make a big difference when it comes to photos. See if your photographer can accommodate this schedule – they may readily agree, knowing how tough it can be to work with a moody baby.

3. Allow a couple of hours for the session. Baby/Toddler sessions usually last 1 to 2 hours while newborn sessions take about 2 to 3 hours. In either case, ensure that your child is well rested with a full tummy, so the session will go more smoothly.

4. Simple, classic clothing is best. Clothing for parents and siblings is best when it’s nice and simple, free of patterns or stripes. Light or dark colours work equally well. Avoid clothing with large name brands, logos, pictures, or words, which can detract from the child and give the photographs a dated look. Also, prepare several different wardrobe changes to give your session a bit of variety.

5. Bring special items. Bring along any props you’d want to photograph with your child. If they have a favourite toy, or if they like dressing up as a princess or a superhero, for example, bring such items with you. These are the things that you will look back and remember fondly when they are older.

About Tinytime Studio

Tinytime Studio is a photography boutique specialising in custom maternity, newborn and family portraiture. Whether you choose to have your photos taken at our studio or your home, every session is custom-tailored to your specifications exclusively. For more information, please call 081-842-4773 or visit www.tinytimestudio.com or www.facebook.com/tinytimestudio.

Editor’s note: This article is sponsored content from Tinytime Studio.

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