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Don’t Miss Christmas at Playmondo!

Playmondo blog

At Playmondo, we envision a world where children can play and explore in a safe and open environment through our design and concept. We encourage children to become resilient, active, and imaginative. So the children can learn through play and Most importantly, we want them to have FUN!

Cognitive development

Our interactive play equipment, Blue Blocks and scarf walls are all examples of playgrounds that encourage thought processing, information processing, problem solving, creativity and perceptual skills amongst other important skills.

Physical Development

The design at Playmondo encourages various types of movements, so that Children can develop different muscle groups. With their abundant energy, our young visitors can climb, jump, throw, crawl, step, dance, play and grow through this process.

Social Development

Every activity at Playmondo is designed as shared experiences. Our activities not only foster the bonds between families, but also encourage children to make new friends – and to learn to share these experiences with them.

Learning Through Play

We believe that children learn and process through play. Play is an action that is crucial to all stages of child development. the learning of communication and language; personal, social and emotional development; literacy; maths; understanding the world; and expressive arts all revolve around playful exploration.

A world of play is a gift of a lifetime.


Tis’ the season and back are the holiday themed workshops and activities at Playmondo!

Join us at Playmondo (Central World and Eastville) for fun filled activities this December. 

🎨 DIY Workshop & Activities⁣

• Christmas Card : Every day 

• Christmas Raffle : Every day (Only Central World)

• Christmas Wreath : Weekends 

• Treasure Hunt : Weekends 

• Candy Cotton : Weekends  (14.00 – 15.00)

• Snow Globe : Only on 25th Dec 2021

Playmondo blog

Christmas Raffle (Only Central World branch)

This is a special chance for you to win one of our incredible raffle prizes. All you need to do is buy an THB 80 raffle ticket and pick a star. Make a wish and claim your reward!

Prize Highlights: 

  • VW Push Car – value 7,500 THB
  • 3-month Playmondo Central World membership – value 7,000 THB
  • Mini Blue Blocks – value 1,290 THB
  • Advent Calendar Lego sets – value 1,200 THB
  • Dino Dig Kinetic Sand – value 790 THB

Treasure Hunt

Playmondo is awaiting little adventurers to come and help us find hidden Christmas treasures. Locate the hidden gift boxes and claim your rewards! 

Join our treasure hunt and don’t go home empty-handed!

Playmondo also has special promotions for Christmas! 

Just say cheese with Playmondo photoshoot, then post your picture on Social Media and tag @playmondo for a special discount up to 20% as detailed below: 

Central World: 

• Young Explorer 3-hour ticket at 590.- ( from 660.- ) ⁣⁣⁣

• Parent 3-hour ticket at 230.- (from  260.- )

Or you can choose to get a special discount of 20% off for

• Young Explorer All Day 639.- ( from 799.- ) ⁣⁣⁣

• Parent All Day  239.- (from  299.- ) ⁣⁣⁣

• Bundle: Playland 3 hrs + Laser Tag 1 Game 712.- (from 890.- )

Central Eastville: 

Get a discount up to 20% for Bundle: Playmondo 3 hrs. + Laser Tag 1 Game

Or 10% discount for Playmondo every ticket price + All day no minimum spending

Special discount for a special time during this holiday festival (until 31st December 2021 only). 

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