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Bringing Up Baby with BKK Kids, BAMBI & Bumrungrad

New and soon-to-be parents understandably experience a range of emotions, including anxiety about the approaching addition to their family – and the inevitable shift that makes to their lifestyles. Hence, Bumrungrad International Hospital, with the support of BKK Kids and BAMBI, has launched a new event, Bringing Up Baby, offering a wealth of support for parenting babies and young children, as well as a chance for parents to connect with one another about the challenges of bringing up babies in Bangkok.

Set for Saturday, 21 March, from 9am to 2pm, Bringing Up Baby includes talks by medical experts and   other specialists on how to bond with baby, stimulate a child’s healthy development, reinforce the foundation after birth, support a partner through labour, and the basics of baby and toddler first aid. Other activities include babywearing practice, baby and toddler massage, Doula Help Desk, and a BAMBI playgroup. There will also be a breastfeeding corner for mums to nurse in peace.

In addition, BKK Kids will be on hand to introduce family-friendly activities in Bangkok – as parents ourselves, we will connect families with our favourite places and things to do in the city!

For quite a few years, Bumrungrad has organized different events catering to expatriates in Bangkok, such as the Mom and Babies Christmas Party and the monthly pre-natal classes. In addition, the hospital sponsors support groups such BAMBI or IPN, as well as schools, and offers health advice for children on various occasions.

“The first Bringing Up Baby event  is a fun family event for all to enjoy. All expectant parents and parents with young children are welcome.”  says Roland Hohmann, Manager, Expatriate Market Segment, Bumrungrad International Hospital.

Roland delves into more details on the event’s programme, adding, “An expert in paediatric behaviour and development will share helpful tips to encourage positive development in children as well as address the common parenting misconceptions. Dr. Supapanvadee’s workshop will be supported by the ‘Bonding with Baby’ workshop that will enhance a healthy parent and child relationship. We will also offer baby and toddler first aid sessions for any parent who would like to refresh and practice these very important skills throughout the morning.”

A long-time resource for Bangkok families, BAMBI has offered to facilitate two workshops, including a workshop for women (and supporting partners) on how to strengthen the pelvic floor after giving birth. Also, partners are invited to ask questions and share their experiences in the ‘Mantenatal’ forum, recognizing that more men choose to share in the birthing experience.

Being a parent is a challenge in and of itself, and when set in Bangkok, it can seem immeasurably harder. However, it need not be. At Bringing Up Baby, come connect with local resources and specialists that can leave with you with new ideas and a more positive, confident outlook for parenting in Bangkok.

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