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10 Must-Have Baby Gear for New Parents in Bangkok

There is a ton of stuff new or soon-to-be parents can get for a baby, both things that you need and things you can go without. Besides the bare essentials (clothing, diapers, blankets, personal care products…), here’s our list of 10 must-have baby gear, all of which are readily available in Bangkok, to make life a little easier (and in some cases, safer).

1. Car seat – Safety is generally lax in Thailand, and babies and children are not required to be in car seats. However, if you drive, it’s vital that babies are strapped down property to prevent serious injury in case of accidents. Read more about car safety in Thailand here.

2. Baby carrier – Wearing your baby has several advantages: your baby feels secure nestled against you, and your hands are free to carry or do other things. Also, it’s quite possibly the easiest way to get around Bangkok with baby! Strollers are harder to navigate on sidewalks, especially with wayward motorcyclists, heavy foot traffic and potholes, but they are useful for parks and malls.

3. Infant tub – You can get a dedicated tub with an infant hammock, or use any plastic washbasin for bathing. Either way, remember to always monitor babies and young children during bath time.

4. Steam sterilizer – Kill germs on bottles, pacifiers and teething toys with a steam sterilizer; it’s much easier than immersing everything in boiling water.

5. Play yard with removable bassinet – Great for infant naps or as a safe place to set baby down for a moment. Local brand Cool Kids makes a larger one, with the option of an extra mattress to add more padding.

6. Mosquito netting – You’ll want to keeps cribs and play yards covered, especially at night, to keep mosquitoes away from the baby. These range from basic drape-over coverings to more structured nets with umbrella-style closures for easy storage.

7. Breast pump – Good to have if you plan to breastfeed. Imported pump brands tend to be quite expensive in Bangkok, but do shop around. Some department stores carry Korean or Japanese brands that are more moderately priced, and work fairly well.

8. Baby monitor – Useful for keeping tabs on when your baby wakes up from naps or during the middle of the night. There is a huge range of types (and prices), from video monitors to basic, sound-only models.

9. Foam floor mats – These colourful, jigsaw-style foam mats can be configured to any space, offering extra floor padding for babies and toddlers who are learning to crawl or walk.

10. Booster chair or high chair – When babies are ready to try solid foods, such chairs are immensely helpful for feedings; plus they (more or less) contain messes to one spot.


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Above photo from https://www.facebook.com/thailandbaby

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