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Nov 05
Bangkok Faces: Cath Okill, Founding Head of Early Years, City Campus, Shrewsbury International School Bangkok

When children arrive at their Early Years Hub at Shrewsbury City Campus, they head…

Apr 18
Bangkok Faces: Lisy Ros, EY Coordinator & Reception Teacher, Rasami British International School

Your Name: Lisy Ros Job Title: Early Years Coordinator & Reception Teacher, Rasami…

Jan 15
Bangkok Faces: Mike Godwin, Head of Pre Prep Phase (Year 1-5), Harrow Bangkok

Your Name: Mike Godwin Job Title: Head of Pre-Prep, Harrow International School…

Jun 24
Opening Doors to a Global Outlook — and the World’s Leading Universities and Colleges

The global demand for English-speaking education and Western-style learning continues…

Mar 13
Bangkok Faces: Valerie Thomas-Peter, Head of School, Bangkok Prep

Your Name: Valerie Thomas-Peter Job Title: Head of School at Bangkok International…

Mar 20
Early Years Education, from a Teacher’s Perspective

I have been lucky enough to teach almost every year group in my time as a teacher,…