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Located on the LG Floor at Siam Square One shopping mall, LazerStrike brings the fun and excitement of a simulated battlefield, with two different arenas on over 1,000 square metres of space, which can accommodate 30 people each or up to 60 players simultaneously. Take cover in various shelters and hiding spots, while watching out for snipers as you advance through the courses, which include the Space Arena, resembling a spaceship battle station, and the Street Arena, an uninhabited, mysterious ghost town. The venue can host birthday parties. LazerStrike uses advanced laser gun technology; the Evolution Pro gun model is realistic in size and weight, capable of emitting precise beams. Players’ names and stats will show on the screen of the barrel. A large LED display allows players to access their scores. Video footage of the battlefield is shown on the screen in the waiting room. Book your game(s) online and in advance to ensure your spots.

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Days Of Operations

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday


10:00am to 11:00pm


Adult: 330 baht for first game; 390 for 2 games; 450 baht for 3 games; 780 baht for 6 games

Student: 280 baht for first game; 350 for 2 games; 395 baht for 3 games; 690 baht for 6 games

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