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PTT, the largest Thai oil company, has turned their considerable resources to the subject of the environment and conservation by creating a project called PTT Green in the City (‘Pa Nai Krung’). It’s worth taking a half-day trip with the family to see what they have accomplished.

Located on a 12-rai tract of land on Sukaphiban 2 Road, out near Suvarnabhumi Airport, the project has restored what used to be a vacant lot and a dumping ground and turned it back into a natural habitat and wetlands environment. The focus of the project is also on constructing buildings out of natural materials that exist in harmony with the local environment. There is an elevated skywalk and an observation tower that gives visitors a birds-eye view of the project’s grounds, consisting of a mix of lowland forest, dry dipterocarp forest, brackish water forest, mangrove forest, and waterfall and limestone forest, with the remainder taken up by the wetlands environment.

The project may not appeal to very young children, but for those of elementary and middle school ages and above, it’s a worthwhile visit — they will enjoy the skywalk, immersed in a verdant setting with fresh air. We imagine that, over time, PTT Green in the City will become even better when its many saplings have matured and the area attracts more bird and animal species.

Days Of Operations

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday


9:00am to 6:00pm


Free admission

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