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Established in 1957, the Bangkok Doll Factory and Museum is the loving creation of the late Khunying Thongkorn Chanthawimol, a renowned Thai doll maker who trained in the Ozawa Doll School in Tokyo, Japan. Drawing from Thai mythology and historical periods, the museum has a collection of over 400 handcrafted dolls covering traditional costumes from all over the world including Poland, Russia, Hungary and Greece. A highlight of the museum is the doll collection characters Khon Dance Drama, based on the Ramakien, depicting the natural forces of good and evil.

The Museum is best suited to children above toddler age, as care must be taken to ensure dolls are not damaged. Children will be able to watch the artisans at work in an authentic setting and educational atmosphere.

Days Of Operations

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday


9:00 – 16:00



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