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Win Tickets To Halloween Zombie Survivor at The Movement Playground

You are the sole survivor, and the only hope for humanity, as the world has become a haunted desert overrun by zombies!

The only way to save the rest of the population is to deliver some of your blood which carries rare anti-bodies to the medical unit in order to mass produce a vaccine.

There will be ex-soldiers to assist you as you make your way over difficult terrain and tricky obstacles. You will have to rely on your Silent Parkour movement, because all along the way there are zombies waiting to capture you if they can hear you.

Your “silence” is your secret weapon and the key to being able to complete this mission.

Will the world survive this zombie apocalypse? Our fate is in your hands. Come prove you’ve got what it takes in our “Halloween Zombie Survivor” race!

Zombie Survivor The Movement Playground

BKK Kids is thrilled to be giving away TWO Family Ticket Packs for up to 5 (any combo of kids and adults) for two lucky winners to enjoy a fun-filled, spooktacular time at The Movement Playground. Simply enter your details to join the giveaway below!

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