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Win 2 Free Dance Classes from Footloose & Co.

Footloose and Co 2020

Have you been looking for a dance school for your child in Bangkok? Footloose & Co provides a wide variety of dance classes and holiday camps for children.

The Footloose & Co. philosophy is to make dance and movement fun but also to ensure that it is grounded in good technique. Dance not only provides a constructive outlet for our students’ physical energy, it also provides a space for emotional release and social interaction away from digital devices and the school environment. Dancing also improves muscle tone and coordination, which can help with fine and gross motor skills and concentration. This translates directly to classroom skills such as improved handwriting and attention span.

As a part of our celebration of Wan Dek (Children’s Day) 2020, we’re pleased to be giving away 2 free dace lessons (any class, any time)! (Note: these classes are for anyone 10 years old and above only!)

All you have to do is enter your email below to win! Good luck!

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