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Lantern Camps: Building Character and Fostering Independence

The opportunities for our children today are vast and remarkable. Few, however, provide such a meaningful and profound impact as those opportunities that are found at an overnight camp. Here’s where Lantern Camps comes in, featuring a collection of the finest overnight camps in the U.S.

Each of these camps offers a unique culture and programme focus. What is common among them, however, is a dedicated focus on youth development. Program activities and cabin life are approached as tools to grow the character of the campers, encompassing values and ideals that we embrace as parents: honesty, integrity, resilience, community, confidence and independence. The result is emotional, mental and physical growth. Best of all, it’s fun and memorable!

So, what’s the best age to start overnight camp? Probably around nine, but the real answer is more complex. When to start sending your child to sleep-away camp is a decision that depends on you, your parenting style and your child’s temperament. Many kids have extremely fun and successful camp experiences as young as six years old, but that’s too young for most kids. And, for some parents, the thought of their child ever going to camp (without them) is unimaginable.

Realizing that your child can be okay without you is sometimes hard on parents, and it’s a big step to let them have the independent experience of summer camp.

In a world with endless possibilities for your child’s summer, it’s time to consider the option that will have a meaningful and profound impact on the future of your son or daughter. Light the lantern and find your camp today.

In Bangkok, please contact Ben Thompson, International Director of Lantern Camps, at 080.065.3724 for more information.

Editor’s Note: This article is sponsored content from Lantern Camps.

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