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Special Needs Education & Counselling Services in Bangkok

Bangkok’s services for kids with special challenges has broadened in the past several years. Below is a list of professional learning specialists, developmental therapists, child and youth counsellors, and support groups/organisations in Bangkok that offer services in English and maintain international practice standards.

Acorns to Oaks Children’s Centre (ATOC)

ATOC is a centre for children, offering a range of services, including inter-disciplinary evaluation and specialised instruction to the gifted, ESL and special needs community.

Bangkok Parents of Exceptional Learners (BKKPEL)

A support/information group for parents of children deemed to be exceptional learners, following the SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted) Parent Group format.

Dyslexia in Thailand (D.T)

Dyslexia Thailand runs an Orton Gillingham programme, a method of teaching for dyslexia, at St Andrews 71 (STA), which  is part of the Nord Angelia International School group (as of March 2017).

Piyachat Ruengvisesh Finney, M.A., LMFT, LMHC, A.T.R., C.P.

Piyachat is a certified psychodramatist and licensed therapist and mental health counsellor. Specialty areas include working with clients, including children and adolescents, who have had traumatic experiences and other psychiatric diagnoses.

Learning and Educational Advocacy Program (L.E.A.P.)

LEAP is a parent-run group that provides parents with support, referrals and information regarding their children’s special concerns including (but not limited to) learning difficulties, developmental delays, sensory integration issues, attention deficit and autistic spectrum disorder.

Little Sprouts Children’s Centre

Little Sprouts Children’s Centre is a private child development centre that offers clinical, developmental
and educational services, based on a multidisciplinary approach, to children of all abilities.

Merak Clinic 

Merak Clinic is a child and adolescent mental health centre that provides a multidisciplinary, team based approach for children and adolescents with developmental delays, learning problems and emotional and adjustment issues.

Donna Murphy, MSc, OTR, Sensory Integration Certified Occupational Therapist (paediatric specialty)

Donna works with children, from newborns to teens, offering standardised and school assessments, treatment, sensory integration programmes and social skills groups, among other services.

Psychology Services Bangkok (PSB)

PSB offers educational and child psychology assessments, as well as individual and group counselling, for children ages 0 to 18; services include cognitive development, play-based therapy, dyslexia support, exam access, training for schools and parent support programmes.

Rainbow Room

The Rainbow Room is a special needs awareness and support organisation for parents who 
have children with behavioural and developmental challenges, including Down Syndrome, dyslexia and autism spectrum disorder, among others.

Reed Institute

The Reed Institute provides assessment and intervention programmes for children and adolescents with a
wide range of emotional and learning difficulties, including autism spectrum disorder and ADHD.

The Village International Education Centre

The Village offers a wide range of in-school and outreach support for children with special educational needs, including language delays, dyslexia, autism spectrum disorder and Down Syndrome.

Ann White, LPC

Ann offers a range of couples and family counseling services, including helping parents with raising global nomads (aka Third Culture Kids) and dealing with issues related to culture shock.

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