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Songkran Summer Crafts

1. Sand Stupas

Sand is typically taken to a local Wat (temple) and sand creations are made in forms of stupas or animals, and decorated with colorful flags, incense and flowers to worship the Lord Buddha. It is a traditional Thai craft based on the idea that you are returning dirt that you’ve taken out during the year. If you’re unable to participate at your local Wat, you can have a go at home. It’s a great introduction to Buddhism and Thai customary life. Image courtesy of Travel By U.

2. DIY Water Wall

Learn how water behaves when it is poured, funneled, piped and dripped. Simple and easy to make out of recycled materials. Full instructions and image courtesy of Tinker Lab.

3. Water Gun Painting

Fill your plastic guns with water and a few drops of paint this Songkran. Learn how colours mix and drip when pinned up or sitting on the ground. Full instructions and image courtesy of Somewhat Simple.

4. Water Rockets

Build a water rocket for summer learning. Perfect for young teens and a great way to combine science with fun. Follow the simple steps at WikiHow.

5. Ice Cube Painting

Freeze watercolors and then paint with the melting ice cubes on fabric or paper. This activity is fun for children 12 months and older. Full instructions and image courtesy of Rust and Sunshine

6. Foam Party

Have a foam party and invite your friends. Kids will love the idea of getting messy in bubbles, add a slip mat and make your own wet and wild park. Image courtesy of Student Weekly.

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