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Songkran-inspired Craft Activities

Songkran is fast approaching! Here are some easy craft activities inspired by the colourful traditions of the Thai New Year.

1. Paper Flower Bud

Place paper buds in a bowl of water and watch them bloom, making a cute table top decoration reminiscent of the bowl of fragrant flowers and water used when blessing elders at Songkran.

You will need:

·       Construction paper

·       Scissors, markers, colour pencils

·       Bowl with water

Get kids to draw, colour and cut out a variety of paper flowers. Make sure you cut between the individual petals so that the flowers can be folded into a bud. Place the flowers in the bowl on the water’s surface. Voila – the buds will appear to bloom.

2. Water Gun Painting

Fill plastic guns with water and a few drops of paint. Learn how colours mix (and drip!) when in action.

You will need:

·       Tempra paint

·       Small water guns and/or spray bottles

·      Canvas or large sheet of construction paper

·      Painters’ tape (optional)

Mix the tempra paint with a little water (50/50 mixture). Then use a measuring cup with a pour spout and slowly pour the paint/water mixture into the guns or spray bottles. You can use painters’ tape to make any desired design (stripes, stars, hearts, etc.), which will remain white, on the canvas. Hang the canvas outside and let the kids create a masterpiece! Lay the canvas horizontally and wait for the paint to dry before peeling the tape off.

3. Kinetic Sand Stupas

Sand is typically taken to a local temple and sand creations are made in forms of stupas, decorated with colorful flags, incense and flowers, in this traditional Songkran craft. You can re-create this at home with DIY kinetic-like sand.

You will need:

·      6 cups of sand

·      1.5 cups of corn starch

·      2 tsp of dish soap

·      3/4 cup of water

·      Bin to contain the mixture

Combine the sand and cornstarch in a large bin or tray. Then mix the dish soap and water in a separate container, and stir until the water is bubbly. Gradually pour the water mixture into the sand and cornstarch. Mix well and add more water, if needed, until the desired consistency is reached (if using very fine sand, you may need less water). The sand should have that “squishy” quality that kids love, and it should be able to form shapes in their hands. Start building!


4. Sponge Water “Bombs”

Instead of throwing water balloons, which can hurt upon impact, cool off with these homemade and reusable sponge “bombs”.

You will need:

·       Variety of new dish sponges (without scouring pads)

·       Rubber bands

·       Scissors

Cut the sponges into strips of roughly the same length. Using around 12 strips for each sponge, stack the strips together. Pinch the centres and tightly wrap a rubber band around the middle. Fashion this into a spiky shape, ready to be soaked in water and thrown!

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