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Rockademy Music Camp 2016!

Rockademy is a performance based music school for students aged 7 and up, built on the premise that music can be an excellent tool to foster positive attitudes and polish self-confidence. This year, the acclaimed Rockademy Music Camp 2016 will hold its first session from 20 to 23 April 2016, and its second session in September/October 2016 (specific dates TBA).

The goal of the camp is to bring together students from different music schools in South East Asia and share experiences from both students and instructors – aiming to create musical fusion, exchange positive collaborations, and most importantly, get everyone in on the fun!

Music Camp Course Details:
Rockademy LIVE! – Offers students a chance to create an electrifying performance and learn every aspect that goes into the making of a real live show
Songwriting – Learn basic music theory and production to prepare you with the tools to produce your own music
Wingman – A short introduction to primary or secondary instruments for beginners
Rockademy One – Group session for primary instrument for beginners and intermediate level students

All Rockademy Music Camp workshops and lessons will result in a final live performance. Students will perform together in a concert at Rockademy’s famous ‘Canvas’ room, which has hosted many major concerts for internationally established bands such as The Cribs and I Killed The Prom Queen, among many others.

Below is the typical camp schedule:
08:30 – Arrive at Bangkok International Airport
11:30 – Lunch at Rockademy
12:00 – Welcome speech at Rockademy / Course Introduction 13:00 – Rockademy LIVE!
14:00 – Break
14:30 – Rockademy LIVE!
15:30 – Break
16:00 – Wingman/Rockademy One
17:00 – Return to hotel


10:00 – Arrive at Rockademy
11:00 – Rockademy One
12:00 – Lunch
12:30 – Wingman
13:30 – Break
14:00 – Songwriting
16:00 – Songwriting
18:00 – Return to hotel

10:00 – Arrive at Rockademy
10:00 – Recording session for songwriting
12:00 – Break
12:30 – Group session
14:30 – Break
15:00 – Sound check
16:00 – Final Concert
18:00 – End of concert

There’s a minimum of 10 candidates per session, and the fee is 12,000 baht* (9,999 baht Early Bird fee). This includes all music courses at Rockademy and lunch for all three days. Out of town participants are responsible for their own transportation, accommodations, visas and personal expenses.

*Price may change with prior notice

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