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Eco-Trips with ReWild Thailand

ReWild Thailand organises unique wildlife watching trips that help educate people on being environmental stewards. Founder Kerry Dyke says, “I love being in nature, seeing animals, doing environmental projects… I know Thailand very well and have lead school eco trips for 12 years here.” Kerry recently became a trained nature (safari) guide in South Africa, and is back in Thailand “to discover new places with amazing things to show people, many of which are not touristy, with the trips being designed to not just view nature but help rebuild it.”

There are two upcoming trips that may be of interest to families:

Dec 9 – 10: Trip to Chantaburi to see large herds of wild elephants (50 to 60 animals). This is a project to help a small community with a big elephant problem. Many people here are farmers trying to make a living. Elephants often come to the area to eat. In the process farmer’s crops are sometimes destroyed. Our trip will give you an up close experience with WILD elephants, human/elephant conflict, and some of the solutions being tested. Some of the proceeds will go to support the Beehive Fence project designed to keep elephants off the farms and help farmers earn a living from honey too.

The cost is 2,500 baht (+100 baht if paying with PayPal) per person and includes all of the above activities, plus transportation and park fees, protection by rangers, and Kerry as a guide. It does not include resort accommodation or other meals. Resort price is 400, 500, and 700 baht per night.

Dec 23 – 24: Whales and Wildlife! pre-Christmas celebration with whales and other wildlife. The group will first head to the Cha Am area. There, we will stop with our bird expert to see some rare birds that are migrating through this time of year. Plus we would do a beach/plastic survey. Then we set off to Kaengkrachan National Park to set up camp, have a meal, take in the scenery, and just chill out. The next day will be dedicated to whale watching in the Gulf of Thailand. Working with LoveWildlife Foundation, we would see and learn about Bryde’s Whales.

The cost is 3,200 baht per person, including transportation, whale and bird guides, lunch on the boat, park entrance fee and accident insurance. Meals (except on boat), tent or other accommodations, beverages and extra activities (hiking, boat tour, rafting, kayaking, biking, etc.) are not included.

Disclaimer: With any wildlife tour, there is no guarantee to see the animals but the likelihood is high.

Please visit ReWild Thailand’s website for more info. To book any of the above trips, please send a message to Kerry via Facebook.

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