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Recommended Kids Camps in Bangkok

Kids camps

All Kids love a fun camp during the various school holidays and let’s face it – so do parents!

There are many benefits of camps for kids and don’t forget time away from home helps them appreciate their parents, their belongings, a meal cooked by mum or dad, and everything else they don’t have at camp. Their gratitude may not last for long, but appreciation definitely takes shape at camp.

The hallmark of a great camp is to encourage children to enjoy time away from computer screens and smartphones and to show them there are plenty of different ways to enjoy learning and building social skills. Creativity isn’t stifled at camps because students don’t have to worry about getting or failing a grade. When kids are free from such restrictions their creativity flourishes.

In Bangkok the list of amazing camps are endless. During each school holiday you will find everything your kids could possibly want from learning to paddle board, painting a masterpiece or even designing their own robot, there is definitely something for everyone. The following camps have all been tried and tested with numerous good reviews and excellent feedback from within our Bkk Kids community of families, we have listed them in individual categories so it’s an easy one-stop-shop for you and your kids to decide what suits them best or what new skills they want to try out during the school holidays.

Editors Note: Remember to check-out our recommended list of camp providers here and seasonal blogs on the best camps available throughout the year.

Academic & Schools That Offer Camps

Arts & Craft

kids art & crafts



Red knight chess 2

Music & Drama

Science & Coding

Coding classes Bangkok

Sports & Fitness

Sports teams

Adventure Camps


Multi Sports




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