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Footlings: Music & Movement Classes for Toddlers

Footloose & Co Ltd. welcomes its youngest youngest members to the studio – Footlings!

Aimed at toddlers, the Footlings music and movement classes follow a curriculum developed in the UK. Children interact with the environment through a series of stimulating musical games and activities. Classes are divided into two age groups: 18 months to 2 years and 2 to 3 years.

Babies have been responding to their mother’s voice and heart beat in the womb for many months. Therefore a child is born with an innate sense of rhythm. The earlier children get involved in understanding music, the more likely they are to carry this interest with them into their adult lives. Time and time again, research studies have proven that it’s beneficial for children in the above age groups to have very early exposure to music and movement.

If a child is given the chance to develop their sound musical knowledge at an early stage, then by the time he or she reaches 4 years of age, he or she will be ready to learn to play an instrument. Other benefits of early exposure to music include language development, listening skills, confidence in public speaking in the future, and ‘memory trace’, gained simply from hearing memorable nursery rhymes, the sound of a drum or clapping, for example.

Footlings classes are designed as a series of sing-and-dance along circle sessions. We encourage an open, safe, and positive learning environment and the majority of the classes take place in a group circle with toddlers and their primary caretakers. A circle is an inclusive shape; it invites everyone to join in and, more importantly, ensures that we are all equal in the learning process.

During these classes, your child will learn and discover new topics such as numbers and animals. The curriculum for these topics has been jointly developed by musicians and child development experts in the UK.

Also, a crucial aspect for Footlings is the bond you develop with your child. Making music together can strengthen emotional bonds and build trust in child and parent relationships for the future. A warm parent’s voice can improve a child’s sleeping and feeding patterns. A child finds great comfort in hearing their parent’s voice, especially through singing. Footings encourages parents to join these classes and witness their child undertake this wonderful learning milestone.

Footlings promises more than just learning valuable music and movement skills. This class is a doorway to little Footlings attaining many new skills that will support their future development. Making music is an interactive social activity that stimulates the mind and helps with development of fine and gross motor skills.

Most importantly making music and dancing together is fun!

For more information, please email [email protected]. Book a place in the classes here

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