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Khlong Toey Music Program: Making the Arts Accessible

Khlong Toey Music Program (KTMP) is a free music and arts school for the underprivileged children of Khlong Toey. Open five days a week, KTMP teaches music, English and visual arts to about 70 children, offering them a safe space where they can grow, express themselves and have tons of fun in the process.


Specific activities for the kids include:

  • Music lessons and band rehearsals on Thursday and Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons
  • Instruments taught: guitar, bass, ukulele, keyboard, violin, drums, and Thai classical instruments
  • Singing lessons
  • English lessons on Wednesday evenings
  • Art lessons on Sunday afternoons
  • Various workshops (photography, martial arts, dance…) organized by volunteers on a punctual basis

How You Can Help

At the moment, KTMP is looking for a student counselor for the music school students. The kids are growing up, and soon some of them will be old enough to start working and supporting their families. KTMP would like to support them to pursue studying at a higher level or to get proper vocational training to become who they want to be. In order to do that, they need to find a student counselor that would…

  1. Sit down with the kids to identify what they want to do and open their mind to the possibilities out there;
  2. find connections with schools/universities to allow them to pursue their dreams;
  3. talk with the families to make sure they are supportive;
  4. see what is needed financially to cover the costs of studying.


KTMP seeks  someone who can career counsel the kids or the funding to hire a counselor. You can also support the program by:

  • Spreading the word, sharing their website and facebook page — after all, communication is the key to more connections and opportunities!
  • Donate money to fund upcoming activities, cover the cost of the school’s rent and improvements, or support our various projects
  • Donate instruments & other equipment (art equipment,, school suppies, etc.)
  • Organize a fundraising event to support us!
  • Become a volunteer. Join our teaching team (Thai language is mandatory for music lessons), or join us during fundraising events playing music or helping with activities

For more information, please contact Gigi (English, French) at 080-221-8687 or Bo (Thai) at 081-884-2688. You can also email [email protected] or visit www.khlongtoeymusicprogram.com or www.facebook.com/KhlongToeyMusicProgram.

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