Ideas for Rainy Day Play

24 June 2017, Joanna Lodge

The rain has arrived but with the right outdoor weather gear, there’s no reason to hide indoors with the kids. Probably best to avoid the monsoon style rain or extreme thunder and lightning, but the moment just before (or after) a downpour is a great time to get out and about.

Even with the unpredictable weather, there’s still a heap of activities to be done outdoors even on the soggiest of days. The rain adds a new dimension of play, with talks of clouds and rainbows, thunder and lightning, and splashing and jumping. There’s so much to do, and with the rain comes a slight lapse in the temperature so there’s never a better time to get outside and get exploring.

Here are a few ideas to get you going during the rainy season.

  1. Muddy puddles

Not a good idea to choose the ones on the sois in town, but in the garden, on the driveway, and even on the lanes of your moobaan are safe. Get your welly boots on and get jumping, splashing, kicking and leaping in and out of the puddles.

  1. Snail racing

Under adult supervision, have the kids go out on a snail hunt in the garden or park. You can then create a snail track easily using sticks, chalk, string, or anything you have at hand. Find a way to identify your snail (look for a characteristic on their shell, or mark them with some chalk) and have races up and down the paths.

  1. Tadpole hunting

You may have noticed that there are lots of egg sacks on leaves above ponds, or frog spawn in pots and pools outside. See if you can identify some and if you’re feeling brave, collect a few and take them home to watch them grow into frogs. Seek advise on how to look after them before you do though!

  1. Mud painting

Balconies, patios and driveways can be decorated using lots of different painting items, and a copious amount of mud. Rollers, brushes, spatulas… anything that could serve as a painting tool can be used. You can even change the colour of the mud using water soluble paint.

  1. Truck rally time

Create a race course in the mud and race plastic toys up and down hills, in and out of trees and over and under obstacles.

It goes without saying that whatever you choose to do in the rainy weather, be careful and safe. Make sure you and the children are wrapped up in waterproof gear, and if you do get wet, ensure you get warm and dry quickly.

Enjoy the downpours. They’re here for a while!

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