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iCamp Thailand, an American-style Summer Camp in Kanchanaburi

Opening this summer, iCamp is a unique, American-style summer overnight camp – the first of its kind in the Asia Pacific region. The 3 or 6 week summer programme is intended for children and young people between the ages of 8 and 16 who are looking for something exciting, challenging and character enhancing to do during the long summer holiday. In addition to all the usual fun activities of a summer camp, the camp offers a unique education program for students who are struggling at school, if required.  

iCamp is set across 84 rai of natural beauty in the stunning province of Kanchanaburi, Thailand, which serves as the perfect backdrop for iCamp’s stimulating blend of activities. The emphasis is on fun, and activities are varied and enriching – from arts and crafts and performing arts (dance, music and circus programmes) to sports and education. The latter encompasses activities to support learning and educational challenges such as language-based difficulties like dyslexia, English as an Additional Language, and struggles with maths, among others.

On the whole, the programme provides opportunities for acquiring new skills and knowledge, boosting confidence and self–esteem along the way. Activities are also intended to instil an appreciation of the values of cooperation, tolerance, respect, caring and community spirit. Children are guided and supported by caring and experienced leaders who provide excellent role models. This ensures that they will thrive and grow in all areas of their personal, social and educational development.

At every level, the camp is multicultural and fully inclusive. Children will be safe, happy and fully engaged in a whole range of sporting, musical and educational activities. The nurturing approach taken by camp staff will be particularly beneficial for children who may a little shy or lacking in self-esteem.
The long summer holiday is often the time that children become bored and drift into poor habits that are counter-productive to their continuing education and development. By maintaining stimulating and healthy routines, participation in the iCamp programme will ensure that the transition from school to holiday and back to school again is both smooth and fulfilling.

For more information please visit www.icampthailand.com.

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