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Hula Hoop Dance or “Hooping” for Kids in Bangkok

Looking for a different kind of fitness activity for your kids? How about Hula Hoop Dance or “Hooping”?

What is it? Hooping was founded by Khun Thitirat “Atom” Chanchaisiri in 2015 after she went to the Bangkok Street Show at Lumphini Park and was blown away by performer Lisa Lottie, who spun multiple hoops on her body. “[Lisa] did many amazing things with her hoops and that’s the moment I thought I want to be like her,” says Atom. “From that moment, I got my first hoop and started learning how to play with it in creative ways. As I explored many tutorials on youtube, then I got to know ‘Flow Arts’ and hooping is just one form of it.”

Flow Arts combines body movements and object manipulation to achieve a fluid motion. “Once you put technical skills together with your artistic expression, you will move with objects without thinking. That is Flow. It is so much fun when I flow with my hoops!”

Not only about achieving fancy tricks, the Flow Arts helps with confidence building while improving performing skills. And from this unique hobby, Atom has turned her skills into a career. She later learned to spin fire and worked as a fire performer on Koh Samui for three years with her partner. At that time, Atom also taught hula hooping classes at an international school.

“Being in this Flow Arts community lead me to know many circus friends and my interest started to expand. In Modern Circus, object manipulation is one of the branches. There are many amazing hula hoops shows in circus these days, and they can be combined with acrobatics, juggling and more.”

Now that Atom has relocated Bangkok, she is teaching hooping classes  to children ages 3 to 12. “Imagination is unlimited with kids, and it’s very special that they practice new coordinations and muscle memories at a young age. I am happy with what I am doing now and want to share the beauty of it to others.”

Class Schedule

10 lessons on Saturdays and Sundays, 3-4pm (from 1 June to 30 June 2019)

Maximum 10 students/group

Price : 3,500 thb / 10 classes

Venue : Book Meena Studio, Tesco Lotus Ladprao ( opposite Horwang School & Central Ladprao ) 2nd floor next to Watsons

For more info, please contact:
Tel & whatapp : +66(0)849712041  (Atom)
Line ID : atommoleculeion
Email : [email protected]


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