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Exploring the World of Performing Arts With Musical Theatre for Kids

Musical Theatre for Kids

“Exploring the world of Performing Arts is a great opportunity for kids to learn social skills and individual soft skills as they have to work with others as a team but also have to be responsible for their own role.

The Performing Arts is an incredible way for kids to discover many things about being on stage and what it takes to put on a show, as well as the complexities and inner workings of the backstage. They get to learn several skills such as acting, dancing, singing and the most important thing is they learn how to work with people. These skills can help them to get ready to work with people when they’re adults, with a creative and out of the box mindset. 

Musical theatre

Performing Arts can be a happy and fun activity! It can also help children learn a sense of self and how to interact with others. And the real value besides acting and singing skills is that when you’re dancing, you will learn to use the “awareness” of your body and the space that you’re performing in. When you learn singing and music you have to use listening with your ears and singing back with your voice. This is called “Call and Respond”. When you’re acting you have to understand yourself before getting in another character, so it’s a foundation of “Self-Esteem and others”.

At Musical Theatre for Kids, our main goal is to inspire children and build confidence to prepare them for a career in the arts or just to have fun and learn in a creative and effective way.”

Musical Theatre for KIDS is a theatre education provider that offers workshops as a tool to expose children to the arts and helps them improve important soft skills including, public speaking, problem solving, teamwork, commitment and improvisation.

musical theatre

Founded in August 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand by performer Kristen Rossi and artist Young Ji Kim with the help of the creative space of The Hop, we began as an experiment to see how we could create workshops that would help bring the heart and soul of Broadway to youth in Asia.

​The joy of sharing our passions of performance, fine arts, and the soft skills these disciplines teach is what motivates us year after year.  We are hands on and focus on the children being involved in the entire process, from set design to performance. Always emphasizing quality over quantity, we aim to keep classes small, shows manageable in content and for each child to leave everyday feeling a sense of achievement, increased confidence and passion. 

They offer mini musical workshops, bespoke after school programmes and trips and performance based birthday parties.

Meet Musical Theatre for Kids Here

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