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Enhancing Learning Through Play with PlanToys®

Having started its business almost four decades ago, PlanToys® has grown into one of the world’s leading wooden toy brands. Khun Kosin Virapornsawan, Managing Director of Plan Creations Co., Ltd., explains that the company began with seven university graduates who had a mission to infuse the world with positive vibes through sustainably produced and innovative toys.

Today, that aim underpins the company’s products, made largely from reclaimed rubber wood, and business ethos. “We always make sure to use the best natural resources and create only minimum to zero waste throughout our product line. In every step of our business, we truly care about environment, as can be seen that our printed media such as catalog is printed with natural soy ink on paper made from post-consumer recycled paper,” says Khun Kosin.

The toys are classified into 11 categories: PlanHome™, PlanMini™, Water Play, Babies, Push & Pull, Active Play, Learning & Education, Games & Puzzles, Music, Construction & Creativity and lastly, Pretend Play. Suitable for babies, toddlers and preschoolers, the products support child development in four aspects, including Physical, Social & Emotional, Intellectual and Language.

Recently, PlanToys® partnered with Brighton College International School Bangkok, a leading co-educational independent school from the United Kingdom with a new campus in Thailand, to bolster their research efforts in child development. By bringing their toys to the classrooms, the company seeks to better align the teaching of different life skills at the most appropriate times. “To be clearer, babies will develop their intellectual skills by putting things into mouth and touching things with hands. When they grow up to be toddlers, they learn to compare and order objects. In preschooler stage, they will be able to understand time and routine,” Khun Kosin says. “It is great opportunity for us to cooperate with the school that emphasizes the importance of play value and supports other ways of learning.”

The toys, designed to be used across a wide range of children’s developmental stages, are integrated into the learning and development of pupils at Brighton College; they are used daily to enhance the overall learning environment in the Early Years and the Parent and Toddler groups. For example, the children have enjoyed building and playing with the Gingerbread House during their focus on the traditional tale of ‘The Gingerbread Man’, and exploring rhythm and beat with the wooden musical instruments. Also, the small world products, such as dolls houses and railway sets, encourage role play and creativity, helping children to make sense of the world and to build their language skills.

“We have seen how [the toys] help to improve both fine and gross motor skills, as well as build language and inter-personal relationships,” commented David Tongue, Head Master at Brighton College Bangkok. “We were attracted to work with PlanToys® through our shared ethos of innovation and a desire to inspire children as they play and develop. The sustainability of the products is a real benefit and supports our goal of developing empathetic global citizens who value not just themselves and others but the world around them as well.”

IMG_0279 plantoys

Editor’s note: This article is sponsored content from Brighton College International School Bangkok.

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