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Easter Craft Ideas

There are heaps of ideas to help celebrate the arrival of spring, and Easter in some parts of the world. Although the weather and celebrations are a little different here, that doesn’t mean we have to miss out.

Here are some great spring and Easter craft ideas to keep small hands and minds busy during the school holidays:

Egg Decorating

A timeless classic of an activity that can be done with all age groups. Then you can all have omelettes for dinner.

You will need: eggs, a bowl, kitchen towel, paints and decorative material, string, a pin and a long needle.

  1. First, wash the eggs and towel dry them
  2. Using a sharp upholstery pin or needle, pierce a hole in the top and bottom of the egg
  3. Now, place the egg over a bowl and your mouth over the top hole and BLOW.
  4. All the egg will come squishing out of the bottom into the bowl
  5. When it’s completely empty, wipe off any residue and decorate with anything from paint to glitter, to stickers and more
  6. Thread some cotton or string through the egg and voila –– you’ve got some Easter decor!

Cotton Wool Sheep

A genius way to use up surplus cotton wool supplies and create some artwork.

You will need: cotton wool, cardboard, sheep shape cutter or template, scissors, glue, a pen and some decorative material.

  1. Using a stencil or freehand, draw a sheep shape onto some cardboard
  2. Take cotton wool and glue it all over the body of the sheep, leaving the head and legs free
  3. Colour the head in and stick on some googly eyes
  4. For the legs, you can use sticks, or straws
  5. Decorate your sheep using paint

Paper Flower Bouquet

This will last much longer than real flowers.

You will need: a variety of paper and cardstock, flower petal templates, scissors, glue and something to make a stem from (straw, stick, kebab skewer, pipe cleaner, etc.).

  1. Collect a selection of coloured paper and cardstock. It can be new or offcuts
  2. Use a 5, 6, 8 or 10 petal template that can be found and printed online
  3. Cut out the petal shapes and stick together as a flower using different patterns
  4. Take a circle of coloured paper and stick in the middle of the flower to make the pollen
  5. Using a kebab stick, straw, stick from the garden or rolled up paper, attach to the flower to make the stem
  6. Make lots in a variety of colours and patterns and create a glorious bouquet

Bunny Costume

Perfect rainy afternoon fun.

You will need: a yogurt pot, cotton wool, white and pink cardstock, elastic, white paint, a black pen and a needle and thread.

  1. Use the yogurt pot for the nose, card for the ears and cotton wool for the tail
  2. Take the yogurt pot and paint it white. Let it dry
  3. In the meantime, cut out ear-shaped sections of white cardstock, and smaller sections of pink. Stick the pink inside the white and glue to a head band
  4. Take a clump of cotton wool and fix it to an old pair of shorts using glue
  5. Paint nose, whisker and mouth details onto your yogurt pot
  6. Make two small holes in either side and attach elastic to the pot, long enough to reach around the head

There are so many more ideas of things to do, so use your imagination. See what’s around the house for resources and just have fun with it!

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