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Bangkok Faces: Valentin Reaud, Owner of Kiddy Kicks

Your Name: Valentin Reaud

Job Title: KIDDY-KICKS Owner / Head Coach

1.    What is your nationality and background?
French/American. Grew up in Thailand, NIST & Thamasat Graduate.
I arrived here in 1988.

2.    What is your profession?
KIDDY-KICKS Owner and Head Coach

3.    What are the key skills and responsibilities of this role?
As the owner it is my duty to keep the program updated on the latest football trends and drills around the world and design a modern football coaching program that will inspire the children to live their dreams.

As a coach it is my responsibility to animate the session while teaching core football skills to the children and helping parents become excellent soccer coaches as well. We truly wish to inspire parents to coach their children at home every day to maximize their potential. We want to children to go home to an environment where they can continue to learn about football.

4.    How did you get involved in your profession?
My best memory as a young boy was going to the Thai military football pitch to play football with my father. So I decided to build a football club focused on parental participation where children and parents can bond and create great memories while falling in love with the beautiful game.

5.    How does your role enhance the wellbeing or experience of children?
KIDDY-KICKS prides itself in both bringing families together and training children to become technically gifted football players. Personally I try to fill the sessions with laughter as much as possible so that I can get away with challenging the children with increasingly difficult drills without losing their interest.

6.    What challenges do your face in this role?
Probably the most challenging aspect of coaching the way we do is effectively communicating instructions on two different levels. You need to make instructions simple enough for the children to comprehend while at the same time educating the parents on how to coach children as they are their child’s 1-on-1 coach for the day.
Energy level must be kept high at all times. Remaining the centre of the attention during the full length of the session is primordial to keep the children focused on the task at hand and motivated to push themselves to the limit.

7.    What do you hope to achieve within your industry?
We strive to consistently create two-footed and technically gifted young football players with the ability and drive to become professional players (if that is their dream). Our young players graduate from our program with a bank of 50+ dribbling skills based on moves performed by professional players all around the world.

8.    Who or what inspires you?
Our ultimate motivation is the children. They push us to strive to create players that are capable of replicating the amazing skills of the great stars of football. Witnessing the success of the program is a great motivation and we owe it all to the amazing children that train with us every day and unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

9.    Only a Bangkok local would know …

The best Italian restaurant is on Thonglor Soi 25 and it’s called Pasta 54!

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