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Chinese New Year Arts & Crafts for Kids

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year has always been a traditional time for family sharing and caring and this year more than ever it gives us time to build connections and possibly be engaged in at-home family fun, more than before. Chinese New year is also a great opportunity to introduce your kids to China as a country, its food, history, the geography, the home of the Panda bear and more! As the larger Chinese New Year celebrations in Bangkok have now officially been cancelled, a nice way to celebrate could be to order some Dim sum, make your own longevity noodles and get the kids to decorate with some fun DIY Chinese New Year arts and crafts.

We’ve found some great ideas how you can decorate for Chinese New Year without even having to leave the house and a bonus is, they will keep the kids occupied for hours! Check out our top 5.

1. Printable Ang Pao Money Wallets

Chinese new year crafts

This Chinese New Year, our friends over at Twinkl Thailand are giving away 20+ Chinese New Year printable worksheets, colouring pages, PowerPoints, crafts, decorations and more! Some of them feature Mandarin Chinese too. These are available to download for FREE from today until the  19th of February 2021. 

Free Chinese New Year Printables & Activities for Kids 

2. Chinese Lanterns

Chinese New Year crafts

Lanterns ready? Its almost Chinese New Year!

You will need; some red and yellow coloured paper, a stapler, scissors, a glue stick and some braid, sequins or patterned paper for the trimmings.

  • Fold your coloured paper into half and cut small even lines all the way across the paper, remembering to leave a 2″ space at the top.
  • Unfold it and staple or stick each end together to form a tube shape.
  • Cut thin strips of braid or patterned paper to decorate the top and bottom of the lantern and glue firmly in place.
  • Cut another thin strip of paper and attach across the top of each lantern to form a handle, staple securely in place.
  • For the finishing touches you can always add extra strips of paper or coloured string to form tassels at the bottom, bonus points if you can find pictures of animals or Chinese wishes to glue onto the tassels.

3. Paper Fortune Cookie 

Paper fortune cookies make a fun surprise or a memorable Chinese New Year dinner keepsake. You will need; some coloured or patterned paper, scissors, a 3″ cookie cutter or lid to drawn around for your template, glue, fortune strips to place inside the paper cookies.

  • Trace your circle template and cut out as many circles as you want.
  • Fold one of the circles in half and tightly crease only the very centre (not across the entire circle.)
  • Fold the circle in half again but this time in the opposite direction.
  • Carefully push the fold to the center and bring both ends together.
  • Add a fortune slip with a name, a Chinese wish or a funny fortune and glue onto the inside of the circle.
  • Glue or staple the end together and press tightly until the glue has set and you’re done! We’ve attached a video for Mum as this can be a tricky one!

4. Chinese Dragon Mask

Chinese New Year arts & crafts

How about making some Chinese masks and performing your own version of a Chinese folk tale, kids love to act and make up stories and you could ask them to color or print different style masks for their different characters. First Palette have some great templates you can print and colour.

Supplies you will need; coloured paper, crayons or poster paints, elastic string, scissors, hole punch, sticky tape and whatever else you can find to decorate in your craft box from sequins to glitter.

  • Print out the template and colour in your mask.
  • Carefully cut out the mask and small holes for the eyes.
  • Punch small holes near the ears and attach your elastic string and let the first act begin!

5. Chinese New Year Drum

This craft re-creates a traditional Chinese instrument called the Bolang Gu or a pellet drum as it’s more commonly known. It’s used in Chinese music and as a children’s toy and lets face it kids love to make a noise at anytime especially during Chinese New Year! For this craft you will need; 2 paper plates, a wooden chopstick, poster paint, a stapler, small bells and some string.

  • Paint the back of the paper plates, remember red and gold are considered to be good luck by the Chinese people.
  • Once the paint is dry, tape a wooden chopstick or a straw to the inside of one of the plates.
  • Next get the kids to attach the small bells to the pieces of string and attach one piece of string to both sides of the plate (on the inside.)
  • Put both plates together, with the painted sides showing and staple them together until secure (ensure your string are on the outside.)
  • Get the kids to rub the stick back and forth using both hands so the bells swing back and forth and hit each face of their drum – put your earphones on and let the kids have some fun!

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