The Benefits Of Yoga For Kids

10 April 2020, Jennifer Chapman

Yoga isn’t just for adults. Kids can benefit immediately – and for the longer term – by beginning a yoga practice today! Kids Also Experience...

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10 Tips to Get Kids to Eat More Veggies

12 September 2019, Nutrition Team, Bumrungrad Hospital

Finding new ways to add good, old-fashioned vegetables into the modern diets of children is essential to their nutritional health. Nutritionists at Bumrungrad Hospital work...

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The Growing Measles Problem in Thailand

11 June 2019, Dr. Donna Robinson, MedConsult Clinic

Measles is highly contagious yet relatively easily avoidable. We have a safe, effective, inexpensive vaccine against this highly contagious disease. Despite this, many are still...

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Dairy Intolerance in Babies

6 March 2018, Medical Coordination Office, Bumrungrad International Hospital

Q: How do you know if a baby has a dairy milk or product intolerance? How long does it take for dairy to work its way...

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