How to Store Your Medication

10 December 2019, Bumrungrad’s Children’s (Pediatrics) Center

Learn the four key elements of safe and proper medication storage with our helpful infographic … Read more...

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Child Obesity: a Growing Problem in Thailand

30 October 2019, Nutrition Support Team, Bumrungrad International Hospital

Without even looking at any statistics, it is plain to see that many youngsters in Thailand are super-sized compared to previous generations. What has become...

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10 Tips to Get Kids to Eat More Veggies

12 September 2019, Nutrition Team, Bumrungrad Hospital

Finding new ways to add good, old-fashioned vegetables into the modern diets of children is essential to their nutritional health. Nutritionists at Bumrungrad Hospital work...

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Maintaining Ear Health While Traveling

21 August 2019, Assist. Prof. Dr. Dhave Setabutr, Bumrungrad International Hospital

The holiday months can be a time for travel home to your native countries, relax on a beautiful beach, or spend time visiting loved ones via plane,...

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