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Bangkok Faces: Micky Sivapruksa
 of HomeWork Club, Spin & Slice Tennis & SweetiePie Babies Shop

Your Name: Micky Sivapruksa
Job Title: Owner of the HomeWork Club Phonics School, Spin & Slice Tennis Club and Sweetiepie Babies Shop

What is your nationality and background?
I am Chinese/Thai. I was born and grew up in Bangkok, Thailand. I went to school here and did my MA in English Studies at the University of Notthingham, the United Kingdom. I am married and expecting our first baby boy any time this week 🙂

What is your profession?
After I finished my MA, I worked at a local school in Notthingham and came back to work as a homeroom teacher at a few international schools here in Bangkok. Now I have my own Phonics school and run two online shops: one for yoga and fitness and the other for babies and kids. I also oversee Spin & Slice Tennis School and Academy at the Fifty Tennis Club owned and run by my husband, Timo Sivapruksa. We run academy programs for children aged 3-18 years olds. My very near future profession would be the first time mom.

What are the key skills and responsibilities of this role?
For the HomeWork Club, I plan lessons and hold Phonics classes for 3-7 year old children. We have N1,N2,K1,K2/3,Y1 classes running on the weekends and I have a few groups of Primary students doing Creative Writing and Junior High School students doing Shakespear classes on weekdays. During school breaks, we have English Summer Camps.

For Sweetiepie Babies Shop, we import babies and toddlers’ clothes from China and Korea. We sell online only and have products available for viewing on Instagram.

For Spin & Slice Tennis School and Academy and the Fifty Tennis Club, we run tennis programs for kids aged 3-18 years old. We have 6 tennis courts, 10 coaches and fitness facilities. My husband was a professional tennis player in Germany and we started Spin & Slice Tennis School together 8 years ago when we first met. Now we have over 100 students so I help him take care of the school and the students.

How did you get involved in your profession?
The HomeWork Club started a few years ago. I always love to teach. I taught at schools for 8 years and decided to open my own school where I can plan my own lessons and imbed all kinds of fun activities into the lessons rather than having to follow some rules that did not make sense to me. We now have over 30 students. The class is small (4-6 students) as I would like everyone to get the best out of the lessons and we can take care and oversee the kids’ progresses individually.

For Sweetiepie Babies Shop, I started it when I got pregnant 9 months ago. I was looking for baby clothes and found some supplies in China and Korea that produce cute clothes for kids and toddlers so I contacted them and started my online shop.

For Spin & Slice Tennis School and Academy and the Fifty Tennis Club, I just help oversee that things run smoothly and that everyone is happy. My husband and his staff take care of most things.

How does your role enhance the wellbeing or experience of children?
The HomeWork Club offers lessons that are fun and educational at the same time. I also add more fun things to do with the kids during Summer courses and with younger ones like the 2-3 years olds groups. I find teaching English to non-native English speaking children is so rewarding and challenging. The children learn through story books, activities and games. I also love doing Creative Writing projects with primary kids as these projects motivate them to think. We usually do arts and crafts and let their imagination run wild while creating stories to match their masterpieces.

What challenges do your face in this role?
There are no significant challenges, mostly keeping a group of 2-3 year olds engaged for long periods of time. I love teaching and children and when you see your kids and how much they love and worship you, nothing really matters anymore.

What do you hope to achieve within your industry?
For my school, I just hope the children have fun and learn from the lessons that I spend time planning. I have many new children attending because their parents can see a noticeable improvement in their children’s academic skills, and tell other families. I am always happy to hear good feedback from my students and their parents. Parents also love my school because we have a classroom that is connected with a playroom with a variety of games and activities. Their young children always love to come to learn and play here and they improve so much in their English skills so their parents are happy.

Who or what inspires you?
I suppose no one in particular. I am just a very active person. So I like to keep busy and do new things. Since I was young, my parents taught me to work hard and do whatever I want to do in my life and make things happen. They are always so supportive. So are my friends and my sister. My husband has also been an inspiration to me as he’s also as hard-working as I am and is always caring and encourages me to do anything I want to do.

Only a Bangkok local would know …
I can’t live without sweets. The best chocolate chip cookies in town can be found at a cosy little bakery and cafe called the Fat Beagle Cafe (081-928-8506) down Sukhumvit soi 33. Their cookies and other goodies are to-die-for.

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