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Bangkok Faces: Kelly Crompton, Head of Pre-Prep, Brighton College Bangkok

Your Name: Kelly Crompton

Job Title: Head of Pre-Prep, Brighton College Bangkok

What is your nationality and background?

I am English and from a very small village in the north of England which nobody (even in England) has ever heard of! I began teaching in 2001 and have taught in small rural school to huge inner city ones and many in between. I became an Advanced Skills Teacher in 2006, then an Education Advisor on Assessment and ISP Schools before becoming a Deputy and then Headteacher in the United Kingdom. I moved to Bangkok at the end of December 2015.

What is your profession?


What are the key skills and responsibilities of this role?

Making sure that children and adults are very happy and successful in our school. I have been working with our Head Master to interview all our school staff and l have written our curriculum to make sure that learning is always engaging and enables children to achieve excellent outcomes.

I am responsible for making sure that everyone is safe in our school and has access to all the resources they require.

I would like to say that key skills are excellent pedagogical knowledge, strong leadership, clear vision, excellent communication, high organisation and efficiency as well as patience, determination, positivity and a sense of humour – some days l have all of these in abundance, some days l have to remember to persevere, although l think it is a strength as an educator that l myself am always learning too.

How did you get involved in your profession?

I was lucky enough to have some excellent teachers as a child myself, and developed a love of learning for learning’s sake, which has stayed with me throughout my life. I did some work experience at the Primary School l went to, following my A Levels, and the Headteacher took me to the university to secure me a place as she thought l would make an excellent, inspiring teacher.

How does your role enhance the wellbeing or experience of children?

I support and challenge the teachers, and all staff, to be the very best they can be, so children have the very best learning experiences in the classroom.

I aim to make sure that all the staff, children and parents are happy, which mean they are successful – l make sure l am timetabled in class to work with children of all ages as l believe that as Headteacher l should set a high example for all other teachers. I also thoroughly enjoy working directly with the children, even though this can sometimes be tricky with all my other commitments.

I think it is important that children are well rounded and we support their wellbeing and experience by ensuring we offer a diverse, inspiring curriculum to interest all children as well as many varied extra curriculum activities.

I always celebrate the achievements of all children, whether small or large so that they develop their self-esteem and confidence.

I also firmly believe in our unique house system and School Council, both of which develop camaraderie, team work and leadership along with some healthy competition.

Working as a partnership with parents is the best way to achieve a happy and successful school.

What challenges do your face in this role?

A desire to achieve excellence — which means l work tirelessly for every child and adult in school. Sometimes there are not enough hours in the day!

What do you hope to achieve within your industry?

To ensure everyone in our school is highly successful and very happy.

To ensure Brighton College Bangkok develops into one of the first choice British Curriculum independent schools in Asia.

Who or what inspires you?

The children in our school will be an inspiration, as they have been in all my previous schools.

A determination to be the very best keeps me driven and encourages me each day.

Only a Bangkok local would know…

That a Swensens Earthquake should be for 8 people – my husband and l attempted it between us!

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