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Fab Farms to Visit with Kids

Most children take to farms like ducks to water and unplugging the kids and getting them out of the city and connecting them back into nature is a great family friendly activity. Here we have listed some fabulous farms near Bangkok where you can escape and enjoy all things mother nature.  Let the kids feed the animals, harvest vegetables, collect eggs, swim in creeks, slide through a mud bath and much more!

Baan Pai Mai Cafe & Farm

This 1000 year old wooden house is another farm that is not far from Bangkok. It allows everyone in the family to experience the natural atmosphere of a cafe and a small farm right next to the waterfront. Baan Pai Mai is a great place for relaxing and there are many activities for the kids to do, such as planting or helping to cut the rice fields. They have demonstrations where you can learn how to make salted eggs, grow vegetables, collect vegetables, water the plants, row boats to feed the chickens on the farm and more. There are also indoor painting and craft workshops, it’s worth checking out their social media pages in advance to see if they have any special activities for kids before you visit.

Only open at weekends from 10am-5pm.

The Beginning

The Beginning portrays a juxtaposition of modern architecture and natural farm life. Judging from the beautiful main building in the Beginnings site, a fully functional farm is a wonderful surprise. Full of family friendly activities for parents and children, the Beginning encourages kids to release all their energy with the exciting jobs they can participate in. The Beginning teaches children and parents how to ethically feed the farm animals, plant vegetables and cook their own produce! Whilst the kids are having an educational lesson, parents are able to relax and enjoy a large tasting menu where most of the ingredients are directly from farm to table. The Beginning is a relatively small farm, so it is advised that you make a reservation before hand as the farm can only host a small group at a time.

Farm Chokchai

A leader in agricultural innovation, Farm Chokchai runs a dairy farm in the Khao Yai area, with over 3,000 head of dairy cattle. The highlight activity is the Agro Tour, where families can learn about the life cycle of dairy cattle. You can also tour the dairy plant, explore the farm on a caravan tractor, watch cowboy shows, ride horses, explore the orchard and greenhouse, witness a sheep dog demonstration and get acquainted with the gentle residents of the petting zoo. Visitors can also learn how to make their own ice cream in a formal workshop. The farm offers overnight accommodations for those who wish to stay longer. Farm Chokchai is opened on Tuesdays to Sunday, from 8:00am to 6pm.

Farm de Lek

Located in Nakon Nayok, the family-run Farm de Lek mainly serves as a “play farm” for city kids. Here, children can ride horses, gather chicken eggs, learn how organic fertilizer is made, and get up close with goats, rabbits and pigs. Kids can also do some vegetable gardening, learning first-hand how their food is grown. There is also an outdoor playground with a tree house, swimming pool, canoeing and zip lining. Advanced bookings are required for visits. The farm offers set or customized programmes, which include hands-on farm activities, lunch and play time. You can even organise a birthday party here.

Farm Mor Por

Established by Dr. Nopadol Saropala, or “Mor Por”, an obstetrician at Bumrungrad International Hospital, this small farm is situated in Khao Yai, Pak Chong district, Korat. It houses over 70 horses of varying breeds, as well as chickens, ducks, geese, teacup pigs and goats. Children can gather eggs from free-range hens, feed the animals, tour the vegetable patches, learn more about different horse breeds, swim in a nearby creek, and of course, ride and groom the beautiful horses and ponies. Limited overnight accommodations are also available.

Get Growing Community Farm

Get Growing Community Farm is the new place in town for fun family activities. Located in “the green lung of Bangkok.” This relatively new community farm offers allotment gardens where families can grow their own fruits and vegetables, as well as a natural playground where children can have fun, get dirty and unleash their creativity. They even have showers for dirty little feet and hands after climbing or swimming and have a small café in which parents can relax at whilst the children are having a blast in nature! Get Growing incorporates animals to familiarise children on the responsibility of taking care of those around them and those who depend on you, plus it definitely brings a big smile to anyone’s face when you’re feeding an adorable baby goat. Get Growing is open all week from 9.30am to 5pm, except Tuesday, no reservations needed.

Make sure to check out Get Growing’s Facebook page for a variety of special promotions and any upcoming events.

Grandpa Urban Farm

Grandpa Urban Farm is an old fashion wooden house with 400 sq.m of green area, located in Bangkok. Grandpa Urban farm is named in honor of Grandpa Sudthi Omune: the original owner of this house. Nowadays, Grandpa Urban Farm mainly aims to be a learning center and a role model for sustainable living in the city.

Grandpa Urban Farm aims to produce foods for domestic consumption and to apply appropriate technologies and local innovation for sustainable living in the city.

We also adopt the concept of Urban Metabolism in an attempt to change from linear metabolism to circular metabolism by using multi-resources such as rain harvesting and solar energy. We promote the Cascading and Recycling methods for closing resources and waste loop within the area. For instance, reusing wastewater from a house for gardening and making a composting from food waste and garden waste.

Green Me Organic Farm

We specialise in many types of organic mushrooms both for the gourmet table and for the pharmaceutical industry and also cultivate a wide range of organically grown vegetables, fruits and herbs. In addition to that, we also supply other growers with the growing medium, tools and accessories for organic cultivation. To round it off, we also breed numerous types of animals all of which live happy carefree lives with no fear of being killed and eaten while they make their own contribution to the cycle of life and growth necessary to provide healthy, organic food for those concerned with good health and a chemical-free environment. We truly welcome your comments and ideas and hope that you will come and visit and see for yourselves.

Jim Thompson Farm

Jim Thompson Farm 2019 3

The scenic Jim Thompson Farm, only open to visitors during the peak of the cool season from mid-December to mid-January and offers families a wonderful (but long) day trip from Bangkok. Originally started to support Jim Thompson’s silk production business, the farm has since evolved into a popular agro-tourism attraction in Korat, featuring mulberry plantations, fruit orchards, flower gardens and more. Farm tours cover the life cycle of silkworms and silk farming process, as well as the vegetable plots, including a giant pumpkin patch. Visitors can also mill and winnow rice using traditional methods, and take home their self-processed rice.

Little Fields Pattaya

Little Field Pattaya is a place especially set-up as a model farm for children. This offers kids the chance to experience the natural scenery and lifestyle which cannot be replicated in the urban lifestyle, that most are use to. Little Field Pattaya further opens up the experience of sustainable lifestyles which is found around the main farms in Little Field. This was His Majesty King Rama IX innovative thinking in order to preserve the valuable ideas for future generations. Little Field was specially created for children, exposing young kids to the lifestyle of living on a farm as well as how fun and entertaining it can be. They offer a variety of activities from nurturing farm animals to arts and crafts. Open daily from 9am to 2pm, except Tuesdays.

Mini Murrah Farm

Mini Murrah Farm is the first and only organic milk buffalo farm in Thailand. It is a fun learning resource for children that invites you to see the complete process of raising the buffalo mourah. The process of growing plants at Mini Murrah is to encourage sustainability, with their own plants used as animal feed for the cows, who are then milked to make their own dairy products. Mini Murrah is not only a great farm to visit animals, but the farm also educates you on eco systems and basic farm survival skills, There are also a variety of cute animals for children to feed such as ducks, chickens, fish, rabbits, teacup pigs, and goats, as well as a workshop where children can have fun while tasting their own delicious concoctions. Kids can lean to make stone baked pizzas, charcoal butter pancakes, and try homemade ice cream from a traditional recipe made from Mourah’s milk itself. There are plenty of outdoor activities available from harvesting vegetables to having fun in the mud. Open 7 days a week from 9am to 7pm.

Montreux cafe’ and farm

A truly chilled out atmosphere with a wonderful view of rice fields as the kids learn about the farmers way of life – wide farms, beautiful scenery and happy smiles. Along with nature activities for the kids like making salted duck eggs, feeding the ducks and growing vegetables, there are also a host of more physical activities. Kids can row small boats around the man made lake and let their imaginations run wild while being let loose in wide open spaces experiencing the farm lifestyle. Montreux has a restaurant zone and a kids inside activity area. Open daily from 9am to 7pm, except Mondays.

Moori Moori Playfarm

Moori is a nature land in Bangkok where city kids can explore and have fun, enjoy the natural life with farm animals such as buffalo, chicken, ducks, goose, pigs and many more. Daily kid activities such as DIY cooking, art craft, egg hunts, as well as enjoy family lunch at our “FAT DUCK CAFE” Junior Farmer program is also very popular at Moori, kids can enjoy being “Thai Farmer” for half day activity (Booking in advance only)

Pa Jeep Farm

Pa Jeep Farm, Bang Yai District, Nonthaburi Province, is a farm near the city that dares to let children get into a mess and enjoy new experiences. ‘Pa’ translates to Aunt in English, “Auntie Jib Farm” is like a world specially crafted for children; kids are able to learn independence and responsibility by growing their own vegetables, collecting eggs to cook for lunch and much more. To learn the sufficiency lifestyle of organic agriculture Pa Jeep’s farm educates children and parents by allowing you to experience life on a farm firsthand. Chongkon Wichianwat or “Aunt Jib” is originally from Korat, a province of Isan or the East of Thailand and she brings her own authentic and personal experiences from Korat to Nonthaburi. Pa Jeep Farm’s time schedule may vary from day to day so its highly recommended to call in advance of a trip. Open daily except Wednesdays.

Rai Pluk Rak

The relatively compact Rai Pluk Rak, also know as Thai Organic Farm, in Ratchaburi is the brainchild of Anotai Gongvatana (also the owner of the famed vegetarian Bangkok eatery called Anotai). She and her husband use the farm as a teaching centre for sustainable farming practices. Vegetables are grown by crop rotation; ducks are raised for their eggs; and fish are cultured in the pond. The farm provides half-day and one-day tours of their operations. In addition, Rai Pluk Rak holds a periodic Organic Family Day, with organic food workshops, DIY gardening and composting, insect observation, and an organic toy making session using natural materials. Opening times are split into two different sessions, the morning session starts from 9:00 – 13:00 and continues on from 14:00 – 18:00.

Sansiri Backyard

The Co-Growing Community for Sustainable Urban Living.”

Swiss Sheep Farm

The architecture of Swiss Sheep Farm is modelled after a European country style, vibrant colours and a large plot of land makes the activities and opportunities for fun endless. Described by themselves as “a place of the ancient dream for those who seek it.” Swiss Sheep Farm aims to make customers feel at home with their comforting farm lifestyle and offer multiple ways you can choose to take in their picturesque farm. Kids can enjoy a gentle horseback ride to enjoy the scenic views or a ride in the farm’s tour cars for a more informative journey around the farm to see how things work firsthand. Accompanied by the farm’s natural beauty, there are a variety of activities for kids and adults to enjoy from petting and feeding goats, chickens and sheep to archery lessons to show off your Robin Hood style skills! Open daily from 9am-6pm – parents make sure to bring your cameras for plenty of insta worthy moments.

The Three Little Pigs Farm

The Three Little Pigs Farm, a cafe in a good location, Sampran, Muang Nakhon Pathom, with a fairy tale theme in everyone’s childhood memories like the Three Little Pigs, sitting comfortably in an alcove under the shade of a tree. Paddling in the garden or invite them to play with the kids The cutest animals in the world

Thai-Danish Dairy Farm

Thailand’s first dairy farm, the Thai-Danish Dairy Farm in Saraburi offers two farm tours that last 1 or 2.5 hours. Given the expansive grounds, parts of the tours are covered by tram. Highlights include seeing a large rock embedded with plant fossils, walking in expansive fields with varieties of grass used as cattle fodder, exploring natural forests of Burmese Rosewood, learning how to milk cows, feeding calves and taking in views of the surrounding mountains. Visitors can also enjoy a cowboy show, and visit a small petting zoo with sheep, goats, camels and more.

Uncle Chris Farm

Uncle Chris’s farm encourages children to learn about farmer’s ways – to understand and feel the value of nature which includes learning about Thai traditions and heritage. Here you can eat off Pandan leaves, learn to cook rice the traditional way and discover both fruits of the forest and treasures of the land and how they sustain local livelihoods. Each time you visit Uncle Chris’ Farm you will experience something different as kids undertake different courses depending on the day and Thai season. This includes insect catching, jungle exploration, stargazing and making aroma scented candles. A truly unique activity that you can participate in is making offerings to the monks or Phra Mae Phosop and learning about their natural and simple way of life. Watch out for seasonal activities. They are only open at weekends from 8am to 5pm.

Editors note: We would love to hear from you if you discover a secret little farm or a kid friendly cafe or restaurant on route to any of the farms above. You can find us at [email protected]

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