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6 Farms to Visit with Kids

Most children take to farms like ducks to water. Here are 6 great farms near Bangkok where they can feed animals, harvest vegetables, collect eggs, swim in creeks and more!

1. Farm de Lek

Located in Nakon Nayok, the family-run Farm de Lek mainly serves as a “play farm” for city kids. Here, children can ride horses, gather chicken eggs, learn how organic fertilizer is made, and get up close with goats, rabbits and pigs. Kids can also do some vegetable gardening, experiencing first-hand how their food is grown. There is also an outdoor playground with a tree house. Other activities include swimming, canoeing and zip lining. Advanced bookings are required for visits. The farm offers set or customized programmes, which include hands-on farm activities, lunch and play time. Birthday parties can also be organized.

2. Rai Pluk Rak

The relatively compact Rai Pluk Rak, also know as Thai Organic Farm, in Ratchaburi is the brainchild of Anotai Gongvatana (also the owner of the famed vegetarian Bangkok eatery called Anotai). She and her husband use the farm as a teaching centre for sustainable farming practices. Vegetables are grown by crop rotation; ducks are raised for their eggs; and fish are cultured in the pond. The farm provides half-day and one-day tours of their operations. In addition, Rai Pluk Rak holds a periodic Organic Family Day, with organic food workshops, DIY gardening and composting, insect observation, and an organic toy making session using natural materials.

3. Thai- Danish Dairy Farm

Thailand’s first dairy farm, the Thai-Danish Dairy Farm in Saraburi offers two farm tours that last 1 or 2.5 hours. Given the expansive grounds, parts of the tours are covered by tram. Highlights include seeing a large rock embedded with plant fossils, walking in expansive fields with varieties of grass used as cattle fodder, exploring natural forests of Burmese Rosewood, learning how to milk cows, feeding calves and taking in views of the surrounding mountains. Visitors can also enjoy a cowboy show, and visit a small petting zoo with sheep, goats, camels and more.

4. Farm Chokchai 

A leader in agricultural innovation, Farm Chokchai runs a dairy farm in the Khao Yai area, with over 3,000 head of dairy cattle. The highlight activity is the Agro Tour, where families can learn about the life cycle of dairy cattle, tour the dairy plant, explore the farm on a caravan tractor, watch cowboy shows, ride horses, explore the orchard and greenhouse, witness a sheep dog demonstration and get acquainted with the gentle residents of the petting zoo. Visitors can also learn how to make their own ice cream in a formal workshop. The farm offers overnight accommodations for those who wish to stay longer.

5. Farm Mor Por

Established by Dr. Nopadol Saropala, or “Mor Por”, an obstetrician at Bumrungrad International Hospital, this small farm is situated in Khao Yai, Pak Chong district, Korat. It houses over 70 horses of varying breeds, as well as chickens, ducks, geese, teacup pigs and goats. Children can gather eggs from free-range hens, feed the animals, tour the vegetable patches, learn more about different horse breeds, swim in a nearby creek, and of course, ride and groom the beautiful horses and ponies. Limited overnight accommodations are available.

6. Jim Thompson Farm

The scenic Jim Thompson Farm, only open to visitors during the peak of the cool season from mid-December to mid-January, offers families a wonderful (but long) day trip from Bangkok. Originally started to support Jim Thompson’s silk production business, the farm has since evolved into a popular agro-tourism attraction in Korat, featuring mulberry plantations, fruit orchards, flower gardens and more. Farm tours cover the life cycle of silkworms and silk farming process, as well as the vegetable plots, including a giant pumpkin patch. Visitors can also mill and winnow rice using traditional methods, and take home their self-processed rice.

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