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Day: October 11, 2022

Oct 11
Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast self-examinations are a convenient way to check for lumps and other…

Oct 11
Where to buy The Spookiest Snacks in Bangkok

Bangkok has started to come alive with a sea of orange and black as the spooky season…

Oct 11
October Camps for Kids in Bangkok

All kids love a holiday camp mainly because they spend most of the year going from…

Oct 11
What is Montessori Education?

Families are often curious about the Montessori Method of education, which is very…

Oct 11
Halloween Crafts For Kids

With Halloween fast approaching now is a good time to dig out all the crafty bits and…

Oct 11
Early Childhood Education: Reggio Emilia Approach

As we continue with our focus on education, we explore Reggio Emilia, a unique concept…