Win a GoSnoop Mystery Game for 4!

11 July 2017, BKK Kids

Ever wanted to take on a mission to solve a mystery, have an exciting time with your family or friends, and discover the hidden gems of the city? Come solve the riddles and crack the case with GoSnoop!

The first LIVE outdoor detective game activity in Bangkok, GoSnoop was created by two entrepreneurs who wanted to share authentic experiences and small hidden treasures. Players are grouped into teams and take on a mission to solve a mystery through trails and clues, hunting through fascinating sites and local wonders. Join other Snoopsters on their mysteriously amusing assignments and become the victor.

GoSnoop is all about having a fun experience while learning more about Thai culture and discovering the lesser known side of Bangkok.

We are excited to be giving away a family & friends pass for up to 4 people to participate in the GoSnoop “Golden Mountain Eclipse” game! The recommended age for participants is 12+ to be fully engaged, but children as young as 6 have joined in. The game lasts 2 to 3 hours, and you need to walk 3.5 km. Should you wish to bring younger children, it is not a problem, though they need to be under their parents’ supervision at all times for safety reasons.

For more information on GoSnoop, e-mail or visit GoSnoop’s website and Facebook page. Enter the contest below; one winner will be chosen at random on 18 July 2017. Good luck!

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